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Wuhan Disaster Recovery Center of China Construction Bank

Date :2018-07-19 Hits:174

The world’s largest financial unit - Hybrid filter compensation project of Data Center of Wuhan Disaster Recovery Center of China Construction Bank  
Existing problems:
UPS, high frequency power supply, power switch, high voltage DC power supply, air conditioning and other large number of nonlinear load operation, resulting in serious harmonic wave distortion of power distribution system.
Power factor was low (reduced to 0.59)

154 Units of ZMAF-300-60/400 intelligent modular hybrid filtering compensation devices of SSE were used in July 2013.

Control effect:
The voltage distortion was reduced from 1.1% to 0.7%, and the current distortion was reduced from 10% to 4%. 

PF was up to 0.977 with ZMAF put into operation while reduced to 0.59 without ZMAF

The 11th harmonic current distortion was reduced to 2.6% with ZMAF put into operation while increased to 21.2% without ZMAF

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