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SSE offers world-class service and support to meet your needs throughout the entire lifecycle of the project or product. From site planning to installation and commissioning, to corrective maintenance, we’ll always be there.

“One-stop Service” for Charging Station

We offer various cost-effective and efficient solutions for customers and provide “one-stop service” for charging station. Our professional team and comprehensive services ensures a timely project construction and smooth operation.  

Installation and Commissioning
SSE can provide electrical solutions, installation drawings and guidance to assist customers in completing the installation. Commissioning is to be done by SSE professional and experienced engineers.
We will also check the safety and functionality of the charger and connect it to the service cloud if needed, to get prepared for the future remote service. After that, we will give the site operator a brief introduction to the product and operation.

Training programs are designed for users and maintenance teams. 
About products: introduction to products, functions of all devices
How to operate and maintain: usage and precautions, common faults and troubleshooting methods, device replacement, software and hardware upgrade, daily maintenance, etc.

Corrective Maintenance
The corrective maintenance shall be carried out by SSE certified personnel or professionals with electrician certificates recognized and issued by the state or authorities.
We're prepared to offer quick response within 48 hours(24h for China) for customers, tries to get the failure cause and solutions in the shortest time.

SSE provides remote and on-site maintenance services, including remote diagnosis, guided maintenance as well as spare parts supply. 

Updates & Upgrades

SSE offers updates and upgrades for your chargers, in both hardware and software. Updates and upgrades adapt your chargers to new developments or requirements. Online software updates and upgrades are available if required. 

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