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  • Smart Energy
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Smart Energy
Smart Energy
Smart Energy
  • 2023
    Acquired by BorgWarner
  • 2022
    High-power DC chargers offering services for 200 electric shuttle buses running between the Olympic Village and venues of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics 
  • 2021
    Built “Zero Alliance” with eight leading companies in China aiming at the goal of “carbon neutrality”
    Once again won the bid for the "artificial sun" project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences project
  • 2019

    Won the bid of Beijing Daxing Airport project phase Ⅰ, offering solar + storage +charging system solution and won the charger bid for its phase Ⅲ in 2020

New Energy
New Energy
New Energy
  • 2016
    Independently develop, construct, operate Whyalla 18MW solar + energy storage power plant
  • 2015
    Launched SSE Smart Cloud Platform
  • 2013
    First export of EV charging products, offering charging service for electric buses in the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
  • 2010

    SSE first launched the MW-class grid-connected PV inverter.

  • 2009
    Set up the new energy R & D center and officially entered a new energy industry of solar power generation and new energy vehicles charging
Traditional Power
Traditional Power
Traditional Power
  • 2007
    Recognized as China’s “Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plans” 
  • 2004
    Established Shanghai branch, opening a new chapter in the development of international market
  • 2003
    Developed China’s first parallel active power filter industrial application product with international advanced level
  • 1997

    Developed the world’s first high voltage AC motor liquid soft starter
    SSE was founded 

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