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SSE made its debut in IAA Commercial Vehicles Show

Date :2018-09-28 Hits:31

Sept. 20th to 27th, 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicle was held in Hanover, Germany. As the first Chinese enterprise to enter the European market, SSE displayed the European/Japanese standard combo charger, the European standard high-power charger and a portable charger at the expo, which attracted visitors from all over the world.

2018 IAA focuses on more efficient, environmentally friendly, smarter transportation and logistics, which means the new energy is becoming the trend. The charging products exhibited by SSE have attracted the attention of customers from Romania, Czech Republic, Finland, Austria, Greece, Turkey and other countries.

The AC&DC 3-in-1 charger meets the European standard and Japanese standard, and can provide AC and DC fast charging at the same time, with continuous full power output, suitable for charging various vehicles. Lots of visitors expressed strong interest and hope to introduce the product to European intercity fast charging stations and highway service areas, etc.

Another popular item at SSE booth is the "mini" portable charger. This product is developed for the on-board and fast charging needs of new energy vehicles such as electric logistics vehicles. Small and light, but with ultra high power density, the charger is easy to operate and efficient.

In recent years, SSE has been actively responding to the “Belt and Road” strategy and developed a series of charging products that meet the needs of the international market. SSE’s charging technology and products have obvious superiority in the international market. With CE certified, the safety and reliability of the products fully meet the strict requirements of the international market, and compatible withOCPP2.0. Using big data and cloud platform technology, SSE can realize intelligent monitoring, remote maintenance, online upgrade, etc., to provide smarter and more efficient charging services for global customers.

Based on the cutting-edge charging technology and products, SSE has successfully entered more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and has gained the trust of more and more international customers. After France, Iceland, Finland, Belarus, Switzerland and other countries, SSE will further accelerate the European and global market layout.

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