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Bow-type Fast Charger
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The bow-type fast charger allows urban electric buses to be quickly recharged during the operation.The system is mainly composed of a ground charger, charging bow, wifi module, connecting cable, etc. The vehicle will be connected to the bow by wifi when it needs charging, the rectified output direct current of the charger is sent to the bow, the vehicle pantograph rises and contacts the collector of the bow to charge.

- With modular design, flexible configuration and complete functions 
Flexible charging power distribution, of higher charging efficiency and power load utilization rate
Better redundancy, higher safety and reliability with centralized intelligent management
Automatic vehicle location, easy to operate, one button to start, smart charging 

All-round protection: interlock design for vehicles and chargers, active protection, automatic lifting, standby power off, over temperature protection, foreign object detection, intelligent snow melting, reliable grounding

Technical DataCertificates

AC input voltage (V)


AC input frequency (Hz)


DC output voltage (V)

DC200 -750

Output power (kW)

120 -300

Efficiency (%)


Power factor


Operating temperature ()

-20-50 (normal output); 50-75 (derating output)



Protection level

Charging bow IP65, charger IP54, wifi module IP65

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