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ZAPF Active Harmonic Filter

ZAPF Active Harmonic Filter

ZAPF active harmonic filters utilize the latest IGBT power electronics technology to dynamically cancel harmonic current from the 2nd to 50th harmonic. Through the injection of inverse relationship compensating current, harmonics are significantly reduced and the sine wave is restored. IGBT technology enables our filter to respond to rapid load fluctuations and changing harmonic conditions. Our active filters achieve harmonic current distortion levels as low as 5% THD-i and comply with international power quality standards.
Simultaneous Var compensation and filtering
Combination of both inductive and capacitive power factor correction 
F.F.T. method and instantaneous power theory equipped
Wide harmonic filtering range (from 2ndto 50th)
Highly efficient harmonic filtering rate with TDDi more than 95%
Quick dynamic filtering response with full response time no more than 10ms
Free from resonance and overload
Real-time voltage, current and harmonics monitoring on touch display.
Log record is available.
Parallel-connected operation available (Up to 10 sets can be connected in parallel)
Directly applicable for system below 430 and applicable for system with voltage higher than 400V when transformer is added
Plug-and-play design and easy scheme selection
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor requirements
Technical Details

Working voltage

AC380--430V (10%-15%)


50/60Hz (+/-3Hz)

Harmonic order


THDi correction ratio


Output capability


IGBT switch frequency


Full response time


Response time




Display Language



Up to 10 sets in parallel

Degree of protection

IP30 (IEC 60529)

Ambient temperature


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