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ZBMS Battery Management System

ZBMS Battery Management System

Battery management system is critical for Electric vehicle batteries. It performs real-time monitoring of voltage,current, temperature. Meanwhile, it carries out functions as leak detection, thermal management, battery balance management, alarm warning, remaining capacity and discharge power calculation, and,SOC&SOH status report. It also controls the maximum output power by its calculation according to voltage, current and temperature to achieve maximum mileage, and use the algorithm to achieve optimum charge to the battery. It performs real-time communication with main vehicle controller, motor controller,energy control system and vehicle display system via CAN bus.
Application scope
It is widely used in batteries for hybrid bus, hybrid cars,electric bus, electric road sweeper, electric cars, LEV, solar
and wind power system, etc.
Technical Details
Accuracy of voltage sampling±0.3%
Accuracy of current sampling±0.3%
Accuracy of temperature sampling±0.3%
Temperature sampling range-40~100°C
The shortest sampling cycle time for voltage and current 10ms
Resistance accuracy≤5%
Voltage performance consistency≤1.5%
SOC accuracy batter than 5%SOH accuracy batter than 8% 
Working temperature- 40~85°C
Maximum humidity≤90%
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