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EV Charging Pole

EV Charging Pole

Intelligent charging pole is a charging equipment for electric vehicles. Functions like charging interface, human-machine interface are provided for monitoring the charging process. The charging pole is produced in two types---wall mounted and floor stand. It is widely used in residential, commercial and all kinds of indoor and outdoor parking lots.

Charging Pole uses embedded microcontroller system as the main controller. IC card management, LCD display, charging expense calculation, charging management, telecommunication are default functions. Administrators can monitor the running condition of the AC/DC intelligent charging poles in real-time by the data transmitted to the background master station, which guarantees the stable and healthy operation of the system.
Technical Details
Type Intelligent AC Charging Pole Intelligent DC Charging Pole
Input Voltage 220VAC±15%,frequency: 50Hz±5% three-phase four-wire 380VAC±15%,frequency: 50Hz±5%
Output AC DC, the output voltage can meet the requirements of the batteries
Maximum output current 16A or 32A, according to the requirement of power meet the charging requirements and with downward compatibility
Load vehicle charger lithium battery or lead-acid cell charger
Charging Mode slow slow or fast
Management method intelligent IC management intelligent IC management
Charging interface Comply with Q/GBW/3 9 8 -2 0 0 9 , Q / GBW/399-2009, Q/GBW Z 423-2010 Standard Nine-Core interface
Functions There is an individual controller for each charging pole, providing customers with guidance to conduct charging, Charging status and expense details are displayed for customers’ reference
Communication Method CAN communication interface
Communication Protocol protocol of South Grid, State Grid
Frequency 50HZ±5%
IP Level IP54
Ambient Temperature -25℃~75℃
Relative Humidity 0~95%(non-condensing)
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