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ZMAF Hybrid Harmonic Filter

ZMAF Hybrid Harmonic Filter

The ZMAF smart modular hybrid harmonic filter provides one of the simplest and most effective means to abate harmonics, reduce process related voltage fluctuations and improve equipment operating life. The hybrid filter is a combination of passive and active technology where the passive section is used to filter low order harmonics, usually fifth and seventh, thus keeping the VAR output minimized, and the active filter is targeted at higher order harmonics only, thereby minimizing the size and cost of the overall solution. ZMAF hybrid filter provided by SSE seamlessly integrates the dynamic reactive and active harmonic compensating technologies, ensuring large filtering capacity, wide filtering range and high efficiency rate. SSE’s hybrid harmonic filter is the best solution to tough power quality problems caused by harmonics, load unbalance and reactive power demand. In addition, SSE’s hybrid harmonic filter is compact in size which makes it the perfect practical choice for engineering projects, space limited areas and reconstruction projects.
Using professional simulation software for calculation, design and check
Highly-efficient, capable of filtering harmonics from the 2nd to 60th with the harmonic filtering rate up to 95% (THDi).
Dynamic flexibility in regulating the reactive power bi-directionally and seamlessly from inductance to capacitance.
Fast-acting with the full response time of the harmonic compensating current less than 10ms and the switching response time 20ms
Highly reliability with perfect protection measures such as system over-voltage and under-voltage protection, output over-current and over-heat protection guarantees the equipment operate for a long term and provide stable conditions.
Intelligent control by using one intelligent operating unit controlling the whole integrated facilities, regulating both the real-time control on active harmonic filter module and the auto-switching on reactive harmonic filter module
Modular design with both active and reactive modules configured seamlessly in one cabinet. The parallel-connected modules allow for capacity extension and the capacity is tailored to the customer need.
Superb intelligent operating system. Using the newest 7 inch full-colored touch screen unit showing varied real-time parameters such as the waveform, amplitude, spectrum on voltage, current, load harmonic waves as well as equipment output harmonics. The real-time faults and events are being recorded too which makes it really user-friendly and easy to operate.
Technical Details
Rated voltage0.4~0.69kV
Rated frequency50/60Hz
Number of harmonic filteringFrom 2nd to 60th
Filtering efficiencyUp to 95%
Switching response time20ms
Response time of active harmonic filtering10ms
Working modeContinuous operation
Ambient temperature-10℃~+40℃
Relative humidityNo more than 85%, no condensing
Degree of protectionIP20
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