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GZYQ Liquid Soft Starter

GZYQ Liquid Soft Starter

SSE's soft starters increase a motor's lifetime by protecting it from electrical stresses. The GZYQ HV AC intelligent liquid motor soft starter has been specifically designed by SSE for controlled starting and speed control of large power squirrel cage motor. The soft starter provides us the optimum starting characteristic, which results in smooth progressive acceleration to full load speed.
Reduced starting current and less electrical stress on the motor and the network
Reduced mechanical wear and tear on mechanical equipment
Starting current can be limited to 1.5-3.5 times the rated current, which is adjustable on site by altering the distance between the moving electrode and the fixed one, by changing PLC settings, or by altering the concentration of liquid
Starting time can be limited to 10-60s to match the starting time of motor to avoid inrush current
Remote communication with use of Siemens PLC and RS485 interface
No harmonic generated during or after the starting process
Software for predictive calculation of the starting results(include start time, start current and voltage dip)
Real-time record of motor starting and operation
LED touch screen easy for data view
Technical Details
Rated voltage (KV)3.67.212
1min power frequency withstand voltage (kV)10/1820/2328/32(phase to ground)
121518(phase to phase)
Start current (A)Iq: 1.5~3.5Ie
Start time (s)10~60 (adjustable)
Normal working temperature of liquid resistor (℃)0~70
Number of continuous start3~4(≤1500kW)
(with ambient temperature 25℃)
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