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Solar EPC

Solar EPC

One-stop supplier of solar power plant, BAPV projects and roof-top solar systems.

Service Scope

EPC or turn-key for solar projects 

Engineering & System Design

Procurement & Equipment Supply

Construction & Commission

Maintenance & After Sales Service

Spare Parts Supply


Advantages of SSE Solar EPC
Distributed inverter MPPT technology

As a manufacturer of solar inverters and one-stop supplier of solar power plant, Surpass Sun Electric (SSE) has developed the distributed inverter MPPT technology, which results in 3% more harvest of solar power.
Angle-adjustable bracket 
Angle-adjustable brackets designed by SSE can track the sun’s rays in a more efficient way, which again results in 5% more harvest of solar power.
Combination of inverter technology and APF technology
SSE holds the world record for the power quality of solar inverters – the THDI of our inverter is only 0.8%, compared to 3% for inverters from other manufacturers, which guarantees better power quality of solar systems and grid safety.
Optimization of input and output voltage  
With solar inverters manufactured by us, SSE can maximize the output efficiency of the solar system by proportion optimizing of input and output voltage of inverters, which results in 2% more harvest of solar power.
One-stop service plus manufacture 
As the one-stop supplier of solar power plants and BAPV, SSE also design and manufacture most of the equipment required in solar power plants except for the solar modules, This enables us to guarantee better design, better quality and better service of the project.
Expertise and experience
With over 16 years experience manufacturing industrial electrical products and power quality equipment, SSE produces most of the equipment required in solar power plants (except for the solar modules). In 2013, SSE has successfully done over 200MW of solar power plant and BAPV projects as an EPC contactor. We constantly improve our products and optimize the whole system, accumulate rich experience and professional expertise, which enables a 10% more yield for solar projects that we have done.
Technical Details
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