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Beijing Daxing Airport charging project

Date :2019-09-30 Hits:59
Location: Beijing, China
Products: DC fast chargers, solar + storage + charging stations, charging cloud platform
Chairman Xi on Sept. 25 inaugurated Beijing Daxing International Airport with the world's biggest terminal ahead of celebrations of China's 70th anniversary. As the exclusive bid winner of the flight area of Daxing Airport, SSE delivers high-voltage EV chargers, solar+storage+charging integrated system and charging cloud platform to this super engineering.  

With the concept of green construction, Daxing Airport’s renewable energy ratio exceeds 10%. It is also the world's first airport to achieve 100% coverage of on-site clean energy vehicles and charging facilities.

Named as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, Daxing airport gathers the most cutting-edge technologies in all industries around the world. The bidding of the charging infrastructure is particularly fierce, especially for the flight area. With rich experience of global high-end projects, SSE finally won the bid, delivering 53 DC fast chargers and 4 solar charging stations. 

SSE EV chargers can handle all kinds of airport special vehicles with a ultrastrong compatibility, like shuttle buses, tractors, garbage trucks, etc. Charging management cloud platform is also offered for Daxing, enabling intelligent monitoring, remote maintenance and online upgrades, to achieve smarter and more efficient charging services.

Besides EV chargers, SSE also provides solar+storage+charging hybrid system for Daxing Airport. The system consists of 4 solar charging stations with single capacity of 20.16kWp, located at the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest of the airport terminal. Combining solar power generation, energy storage and EV charging technology, which perfectly matches the “green” concept of Daxing Airport, SSE achieves highly efficient use of integrated energy. 

Daxing Airport raises the curtain of "oil to electricity" progress of global airports. Till now, SSE EV chargers has delivered power to Tokyo Narita Airport, Spain’s Bilbao Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport and Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, etc. While Daxing Airport opens, SSE won another bid for Zhengzhou Airport Project. In the future, SSE is expecting to keep contributing to the "oil to electricity" process of global airports. 

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