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Based on new generation information technology like cloud computing, big data, IoT etc., "SSE Cloud" supports OCPP. It can offer a comprehensive solution of operation and maintenance management, including centralized monitoring center, big data analysis system, intelligent operation&maintenance system. The platfrom enables hierarchical management, data collection and analysis for charging points and stations, to constantly improve security and efficiency.



- Mobile APP: charging reservation, smart navigation, troubleshooting, etc. 

- Charger management: by client program or mobile APP (check charger status, daily/monthly report)

- Full record of charging information, alarm info for abnormal chargers

- Backstage collection of vehicle battery information, analysis of battery health and giving reasonable suggestions

- Customer credit analysis and management

- Process information recordable and traceable



Big Data/Cloud Computing

Support massive terminal monitoring, massive data storage and analysis

Open Platform

Support OCPP, overall opening to charger manufacturers, operators, personal sharing operation, vehicle operators and other partners

Flexible and Customizable

Provide customized development and design of industrial platform as needed

Safety and Stability

Support hierarchical authorization management, monitor all access interfaces and check the platform running status in real time

Full Service

Charging reservation, fault diagnosis, settlement, statistical analysis, real-time billing and other services

Homepage: an overview of all the charging info you need

Users can monitor the working status of the chargers in the charging station through the platform, and can also query the charging record for a specified time period

Users will be reminded by messages when the charging is stopped for unknown reasons before it’s completed or the device is suddenly offline

You can get a report on charging power(kWh), charging times and  charging amount for a specified period

You can also know the charging power(kWh) for each charger

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