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What is OCPP?
The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is a protocol for communication between an EV Charging Station and a central Back Office system. The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is a freely available open standard that enables component vendors and network operators to “mix and match” interoperable hardware and software. Today charging network operators and service providers in more than 50 countries rely on OCPP to manage more than 10,000 charging stations. 

Does SSE support OCPP?
Yes. SSE charging products support OCPP1.6. Currently, SSE’s OCPP has been tested and certified with official tools, and has successfully docked with Taiwan and Finland OCPP servers. It can be compatible with servers from different manufacturers. 

We implement the JSON protocol based on WebSockets and encrypt WebSockets with TLS/SSL. SSE charger has achieved the mandatory core function and optional ones like firmware management, reservation, remote trigger, etc.

Currently, our charging products support authorization, remote start/stop transaction, setting availability, remote reset, abnormal status and corresponding error information report, changing configuration, firmware upgrade, heartbeat, charging data report, offline upload. All kinds of functions required for OCPP can be fulfilled.
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