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GZRQ Series Solid State Soft Starter
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GZRQ series medium and high voltage intelligent solid-state soft starter is a product which fully combines power electronics technology, microprocessor technology and modern digital control theory technology. GZRQ solid-state soft starter uses advanced high-speed DSP microprocessor as the core to control high-voltage and high-power thyristor components, realizes smooth starting, running, stop and protection of large and medium-sized AC squirrel cage motor, effectively reduces rush current while motor starting, and reduces the impact on power grid and traction equipment.
The products include fixed type, middle type and three in one type. Fixed type is box type fixed metal closed switch cabinet with simple structure and high mechanical strength; armoured middle type metal closed switch cabinet with beautiful appearance, complete scheme and strong versatility; three in one is to integrate the functions of switch cabinet, operation bypass cabinet and soft lifting cabinet, and the device has the functions of both switch cabinet and soft lifting cabinet. It is an armoured metal enclosed switch cabinet. All product thyristor modules are installed in a trolley with guide rail. Remove relevant wiring and fasteners, the trolley can be pulled out for easy installation and maintenance.

Scope of application
Widely used in iron and steel, petroleum, chemical industry, non-ferrous, fire protection, mining, sewage treatment, power and other industrial fields, can be well matched with motor drive equipment (such as water pump, fan, compressor, crusher, mixer, belt conveyor and other equipment).


Accuracy: The hardware system adopts the 32-bit high-speed DSP integrated control of TI company, and the software system adopts the phase-locked synchronization control algorithm of independent intellectual property rights to realize the closed-loop automatic tracking control of motor starting process, which guarantees the stability and accuracy of equipment starting and running state at all times.

Fast: The speed of the DSP control system is above 150 MHz, and the response time of current regulation is 20 ms.

Intelligence: Unique large screen human-machine touch interface interactive function, through the interface easy to set start and protection parameters, state information animation settings, operators can quickly understand the motor operation status and equipment fault information, motor start, real-time and effective monitoring of motor operation, dynamic display of current and voltage curve, while querying historical curve records;

Communication: Intelligent docking of backstage or cloud platform can be provided to improve the level of automation management.

Energy saving: High voltage thyristor chopper voltage regulation loss of main device of solid-state soft starter is small, power loss of soft starter in starting process is less than 1% of rated power of equipment, and operation process is basically lossless.

All-round: strong adaptability and frequent start, a kind of solid-state soft-start device can be applied to different motors with the same voltage grade and rated current, which is convenient to realize the on-site working conditions of more than one tractor motor. The solid-state soft-start device adopts low-power control technology, which can start more than five times per hour to meet the needs of frequent soft-start under different working conditions.

Safety: Direct-drive trigger thyristor is used between low-voltage control system and high-voltage trigger system. Signal conversion is completed by electromagnetic induction, which completely solves the insulation problem of signal transmission channel and is safe and reliable.

Technical DataCertificates


3 phase medium voltage squirrel cage induction motor, synchronous motor, etc.


3-15kV (+10%-15%)

Working frequency


Control power


Start time (s)

1~5 times/ hour, each interval should >10 minutes

Cooling method

Air cooled


IP20 (can customized)

Installation spot

Installation indoors (no conductive dust, no violent vibration place)

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